weak wrist

down through the dunes to the falling rocks. the rocks already thick in their unmoving stance. the hills winding up into fog. my body slowly easing into longer sighs, the growing pain of a child in my shoulders & knees. i catch my face in the glass flecked with seeds of rain water. he/she/they are older now. it's been some time. their hands are for building, they know, but usually they hesitate "this weak wrist / this contradictory body."


down the coast

i am going on a trip down the coast from seattle to california with s.weller. we have the car packed with crates and baskets, clothes, paints, cameras and sewing supplies. we also are bringing some herbs and teas. a few pieces of fruit so far. some walnuts. rohen has been waiting in the car for a few hours. now i'm supposed to finish here and leave most of my things until i find a better home. one with hanging plants and rooms for painting and meditation. a place where people can stay a long time if they like and make things and heal and collaborate. a place where the school slowly starts to begin. maybe even this summer, starting with a design laboratory and a small print press for design and queer theory (and lots of growing things).